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Integrated Musculoskeletal Care of Tuscaloosa serves Michelin employees and their family members who suffer from muscle and joint pain with in-person clinical assessments and treatment for orthopedic conditions from its office located in the Tuscaloosa Michelin Family Health Center. Our conservative approach to musculoskeletal conditions aids in the timely reduction of pain while restoring function and preventing future reoccurrences. 

Our clinicians specialize in assessing patient conditions and rapidly determining the most appropriate course of care to minimize the need for unnecessary procedures. You will receive a full diagnostic assessment and treatment plan for your condition on your first visit. 


No Cost Treatment

For you and your family members covered on your Michelin Health Plan. * Per visit cost for members on the HSA high deductible plan until the deductible is met.

Efficient Care

Most cases resolve within 5 visits.


Proven Results

95% of patients report a reduction or elimination in their pain.

Convenient Location

IMC of Tuscaloosa is located in the Michelin Family Health Center.

Introduction to IMC Tuscaloosa

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Schedule an appointment with your on-site IMC Clinician by calling 205-391-5248.


Treatment Available


Telehealth provides patients the ability to schedule appointments with our certified clinicians for the full diagnostic assessment and treatment of their condition from the comfort of their chosen environment. 

An IMC Clinician will evaluate and treat symptoms using the same methods applied during in-person care to assist patients in a safe recovery complete with education specific to their condition. 

Secure Messaging

available at your convenience with your clinician or health coach to assist with questions about your treatment plan, progress, and condition updates.

Personalized Treatment Plan

tailored to the results of your diagnostic assessment to create both a safer and quicker recovery.

IMC's Telehealth platform is available for those with more complex conditions as well as those who would like to speak with a licensed JointStrong® clinician.

Outcomes Assessment

for your condition to monitor your improvement and progress toward the resolution of your symptoms.

Introduction to IMC's JointStrong® Telehealth

IMC of Tuscaloosa

5101 21st Street

Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Phone: 205-391-5248

Fax: 205-349-6233

Email: info@imcpt.com

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