JointStrong® Telehealth provides patients the ability to schedule appointments with a JointStrong® high-quality, MDT-trained clinician for the full diagnostic assessment and treatment of conditions on their schedule and from the comfort of their chosen environment, all complete with our signature Outcomes Accountable Care ™ guarantee.

JointStrong® Telehealth Clinicians evaluate and treat symptoms using the same methods applied in on-site care and will assist in a safer recovery complete with a personalized treatment plan and education specific to the condition. 

JointStrong® Telehealth

Introduction Video

Secure Messaging

available at your convenience with your JointStrong® Clinician or Health Coach to assist with questions about your treatment plan, progress, and condition updates.

Secure Virtual Appointments

with your JointStrong® Clinician, to ensure you receive the same high-quality clinical care as in an office setting, from the comfort of your chosen environment and at your convenience.

Personalized Treatment Plan

tailored to the results of your diagnostic assessment including your level of pain and current mobility.

On-Call Wellness Coaches

available at your convenience to assist you with questions or concerns as well as support you in maintaining your musculoskeletal health.

Outcomes Assessment

for your condition and to assist you with goal setting, accountability, as well as visualizing your progress toward the resolution of your symptoms.

Customized Self-Care Education

for your condition with prevention techniques to assist you in maintaining your musculoskeletal wellness.

The JointStrong® Care Pathways:

The JointStrong® program consists of three levels of care to ensure that you are given the care that you need. The best place to start the JointStrong program is through our JointStrong App. The JointStrong App will take you through an assessment process to diagnose your condition and assist you in deciding which level of JointStrong care for the treatment of your condition.

For those with simple conditions, the JointStrong® app will provide you with specific movements designed to help you alleviate your back, neck, or joint pain. For those with more complex conditions or if you would like to talk to a licensed clinician, you will be directed to connect with a Jointstrong clinician through our national clinical network or virtual care platform.

 How to

 Get Started

      with JointStrong®

Visit app.jointstrong.com to create an account and choose your desired care pathway: self-assessment, prevention or clinical consultation.

Personalize your care pathway to receive a treatment program tailored to your specific needs. Begin working towards better health and recovery by completing daily assessments, reaching milestones, and receiving education to prevent future injury.

Call (855) 293-0340 with any questions, concerns or to schedule a clinical consultation with a JointStrong® Clinician.

Whether for injury prevention or pain reduction, JointStrong can help you move from healthcare to self-care. Begin taking charge of your health today by visiting app.jointstrong.com  or calling (855) 293-0340 to receive your free assessment and treatment plan.