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Check Engine: Warning Signs and Prevention

You didn’t see it coming, and you don’t have time to deal with it right now. The check engine light popped up on your dashboard. You want to do something about it, but you don’t know what it means or how long it will take to resolve. All you can think is that the car still drives fine for now, so you decide to delay seeking professional help and wait to see if the light will go away. My question is, “What if there was a way for you to assess the situation in 5 minutes, on your own, to have a better understanding of the underlying problem and its' severity? Would you take the 5 minutes?” Surely you would if a convenient, accurate tool that could pin point the problem existed, right?

Did you know our bodies have check engine lights too? The majority of debilitating back pain and symptoms in the lower extremity begin with simple back soreness, tightness or stiffness. Unfortunately, many of us treat our bodies the same way we do our vehicles, until we are forced to confront the problem, we ignore the check engine light in hopes it will disappear.

Luckily, a tool is available to help assess our musculoskeletal check engine lights, and that tool is JointStrong®. The JointStrong for Pain Relief Mobile and Web Application offers a self-assessment feature to quickly and accurately diagnose your condition and address those early warning symptoms.

Every time we move or position ourselves, it has a positive or negative effect on our bodies. For example, sitting with slouched posture in leu of correct posture or allowing our form to suffer at the end of a workout due to fatigue-both have negative consequences on the impacted joints. When a symptom presents itself in our joints, no matter how trivial or intense it may seem, this is the check engine light! Your body is telling you something is happening inside the joint that shouldn’t be.

If you take this opportunity to assess the situation, you can start on your pathway to better understanding, correction and prevention of the underlying condition. If you ignore it, the symptom may go away temporarily, but the underlying condition still exists. By assess the symptom behavior through movement with JointStrong for Pain Relief, you will discover the corrective movements and positions beneficial to your joints in order to resolve the condition.

Some of us don’t currently have warning lights on the dashboard, which is great, but just like with our cars, we still have to perform routine maintenance to ensure our musculoskeletal health. This is where the prevention tool within the JointStrong for Pain Relief Mobile and Web Application comes in to play. The application will assist in performing daily screens of major joint areas to reduce the risk of developing a condition or having a previous condition return. So, don’t ignore the check engine light! Assess yourself today with JointStrong for Pain Relief!

JointStrong® is a musculoskeletal prevention and wellness program embedded with the intelligence gathered from over 600K patient encounters, and is designed to resolve the majority of back, neck, and joint conditions through its integrated self-assessment module that builds treatment plans specific to the users’ condition.

Start rethinking your pain and care with JointStrong® today and move from Healthcare to Self-Care!

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