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Work Day Warm-up: Practicing Corrective Posture For the Win!

Warm ups prepare us for physical exertion or any activity by performing a version, often times exaggeration, of the same action. Whether for work, sports, singing, or even eating, we should still be warming up. Like we needed an excuse to have an appetizer, but you are welcome! The problem is the more you perform an action the more natural it becomes, and this leads us to neglect the importance of the warm up, especially in the case of work.

If your job requires you to sit at a desk all day or even part of the day, you are probably asking yourself how to warm up for it. Well the answer is simple, and it is corrective posture. As gravity pulls you to sink into your desk chair, if you neglect to warm up with corrective posture, the result is a slouched position for much of, if not all of, the work day.

Perhaps you have resigned to the fact that you have poor posture due to a genetic flaw nothing can be done about. That is a myth! Perhaps you think you need to improve your core strength to promote correct posture. That is a myth! And no, your weight is not the source of your poor posture. THAT IS ALSO A MYTH! The only way to combat this force of nature is to be focused and aware for its potential to affect your behavior and the workday with a “warm-up” or exaggeration of correct posture to assess your status. This is performed by restoring the natural curves of your spine through repeated movements or sustained positioning.

Again, the key to maintaining correct posture and overall musculoskeletal health is focus. You may have the strongest core in the world, but if you do not focus on correct posture, you are just as susceptible to gravity pulling you into a slouched position as anyone else because it is normal for you. On the other hand, if you practice corrective posture regularly, but are overweight or have a weak core, you will most likely have an easier time maintaining correct posture, because that is normal for you.

Practicing the desired behavior to reduce the incidence of the undesired behavior is essential for all the joints in your body though. JointStrong® assess your condition and helps determine the best movement to position yourself correctly for your workday or any activity… so it is second nature come game time!

JointStrong® is a musculoskeletal prevention and wellness program embedded with the intelligence gathered from over 600K patient encounters, and is designed to resolve the majority of back, neck, and joint conditions through its integrated self-assessment module that builds treatment plans specific to the users’ condition.

Start rethinking your pain and care with JointStrong® today and move from Healthcare to Self-Care!

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