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Your comprehensive solution for joint and muscle pain is here.


The JointStrong® musculoskeletal care program is designed to reduce muscle and joint pain, help restore function, and promote physical health. All from the comfort of your home. Whether for injury prevention or pain reduction, JointStrong is the answer. So, start rethinking pain and how it is treated today!


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JointStrong Selfcare Mobile App
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Commonly treated body regions

Musculoskeletal disorders are the number one cause of chronic disability in the U.S., and over 90% of the world’s population will be plagued with a musculoskeletal disorder at some point in their lives.

JointStrong® has the solution though. Our comprehensive musculoskeletal program is able to treat all forms of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and will navigate patients to the appropriate level of care based on the complexity of the condition.


JointStrong® Care Pathways:

The JointStrong® program consists of four levels of care to ensure that you are given the care that you need. The best place to start the JointStrong® program is through our JointStrong® App. The JointStrong® App will take you through an assessment process to diagnose your condition and assist you in deciding which level of care is best for the treatment of your condition.


For those with simple conditions, the JointStrong® app will provide you with specific movements designed to help you alleviate your back, neck, or joint pain. For those with more complex conditions or if you would like to talk to a licensed clinician, you will be directed to connect with a Jointstrong® clinician through our national clinical network or virtual care platform.

The JointStrong® Digital Solution

JointStrong® Care Coordinators are readily available through the call center Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 5 pm to triage patients into the correct treatment sub-group. This ensures only self-care-capable conditions are steered into the mobile application for care while more complex cases are steered towards a clinical encounter with a JointStrong® credentialed provider.  Our virtual network of quality-trained Physical Therapists and Chiropractic providers, covering 49 states, provides virtual access to remote or highly distributed workforces and individuals.