Start rethinking your pain and care with JointStrong® today!

JointStrong® is a comprehensive musculoskeletal care program designed to reduce muscle and joint pain, help restore function, and promote physical health. All from the comfort of your home.


Whether for injury prevention or pain reduction, JointStrong can help you move from healthcare to self-care. Begin taking charge of your health today!

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Your answer for musculoskeletal health and wellness.

The JointStrong® user experience:


"Working in an office I spend most of my day sitting at my computer, JointStrong, gave me the tools I needed to deal with the pain and prevent it from coming back!"

- Matt


"Being a single dad, the last thing you have time for is going to the Doctor when your back gives out. JointStrong guided me to recovery on my schedule, and gave me the tools to make sure it didn't happen again.... so I could keep chasing my 5 year old!"

- Branden


"This place is amazing! I’ve only had two visits so far and my back is already feeling so much better! They explain everything thoroughly, making sure I understand completely what steps we’re taking towards my recovery and what exercises I need to be doing."

- Jessica

The JointStrong® Care Pathways:

The JointStrong® program consists of three levels of care to ensure that you are given the care that you need. The best place to start the JointStrong program is through our JointStrong App. The JointStrong App will take you through an assessment process to diagnose your condition and assist you in deciding which level of JointStrong care for the treatment of your condition.

For those with simple conditions, the JointStrong app will provide you with specific movements designed to help you alleviate your back, neck, or joint pain. For those with more complex conditions or if you would like to talk to a licensed clinician, you will be directed to connect with a Jointstrong clinician through our national clinical network or virtual care platform.

The JointStrong® Difference

JointStrong® is Nationwide

Interested in experiencing the improved patient experience from a JointStrong® Program?

We recommend beginning your journey toward recovery by contacting our highly training Health Coaching staff at 855-293-0340, but you are also able to leave us a message on the site or search our database of current JointStrong® facilities below.

Don't forget, JointStrong® also offers telehealth solutions through our mobile application for the treatment of your musculoskeletal condition. This allows us to offer the superior treatment of your condition that you deserve from the comfort of your chosen environment, but also on your schedule and at your availability!

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