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We are nationwide. To receive a consultation with a JointStrong® Clinician call our Patient Care Team today.

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We understand that complex and fragmented healthcare systems make it difficult for patients to navigate towards the high-value services they need to solve their musculoskeletal challenges.  The countless options available to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal disorders (MRI/CT scans, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, injections, surgery) can be confusing, overwhelming, and create fear which drives patients toward unnecessary or contraindicated care.


That is why JointStrong®  has streamlined our care model making it more accessible and easier to maneuver with outstanding outcomes.

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The JointStrong Clinician is able to quickly and accurately diagnose and assist safer patient recovery by using reliable, response-based assessments and then creating a treatment plan specific to your condition.  Within the first two visits, your JointStrong clinician will determine if you have a condition that can be managed by guided self-care or if you need to continue with treatment.




Our clinicians are available through our national in-person clinical network and our Virtual Care platform. To find a clinician near you and schedule an appointment, contact us at

(855) 293-0340.



Our goal is to resolve patients' musculoskeletal conditions without the assistance of addictive pain medications or the need for invasive procedures such as injections or surgery. All JointStong clinicians are trained to assess patients using our Outcomes-Accountable patient care model utilizes research-based outcomes collection methods that enable clinicians to be completely up to date on your progress toward recovery.

We specialize in meaningful outcomes that matter for patients suffering from MSDs.  That is why JointStrong utilizes scientifically validated indices and proven benchmarks to measure specific Patient-Reported Outcomes for improvements in function, reductions in pain and disability, and sustainability. Patients are assessed at every clinical visit under JointStrong's strict benchmarks to measure the effectiveness of their prescribed treatment plan.  Patients who do not timely meet JointStrong's outcome benchmarks are escalated to JointStrong's certified clinician panel for a more specialized care plan.  Approximately 90% of JointStrong patients report a reduction in pain or eliminate their pain altogether and restore full function. 

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