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JointStrong® Telehealth Clinicians evaluate and treat symptoms using the same methods applied in on-site care and will assist in a safer recovery complete with a personalized treatment plan and education specific to the condition. 


VIRTUAL CARE is revolutionizing how quality patient care is delivered by providing access to the very best clinicians in the world, from the comfort of your chosen environment.

The JointStrong ® Telehealth Platform provides patients the ability to schedule appointments with our top-tier clinicians for the full diagnostic assessment and treatment of their condition, all with our signature Outcomes Accountable Care ™ guarantee.  

Learn more about JointStrong® Telehealth in just 90 seconds by watching this introductory video.

JointStrong® Telehealth Introduction
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To request an appointment you can contact us (855) 293-0340.

Upon calling, you will be connected with a JointStrong Representative that will schedule an initial evaluation with a JointStrong Clinician licensed in your state.

The JointStrong Representative will then walk you through the set up of your JointStrong Virtual Care account. This is an easy process that allows you to access your account either using a mobile app or a web-based platform.

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During your appointment, a JointStrong Clinician will evaluate your symptoms just as they would in a true office visit. The clinician may ask you to perform certain exercises for the assessment so be sure you have enough space to move freely. 

We are able to quickly and accurately diagnose and assist safer patient recovery by using reliable, response-based assessments and then creating a treatment plan specific to your condition. Approximately 98.7% percent of JointStrong patients report a reduction in pain or improvement in overall function.

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You will need a charged smartphone, tablet, or computer and a strong internet connection for your appointment. Connect in a quiet space and have a table or stand to prop up your device.

Before your appointment, your clinician may request you have simple household items to help with the evaluation. Your JointStrong Representative will send you a list of any necessary materials. Below are examples of common items used:

1. A straight-back, supportive chair (no wheels)

2. Comfortable clothing that will allow the clinician to view the affected area

3. A bath towel (for use as a lumbar roll)


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After your appointment, you will be able to review your clinician's notes and recommendations. You will also receive a personalized movement plan and instructions to resolve the injury. 

In between your visits, you will have full access to your JointStrong Clinician through secure messaging via the JointStrong Virtual Care platform. This is a great way to update your clinician on your progress in between sessions or ask questions.

Upon discharge from care, your JointStrong Clinician will provide you with a detailed prevention plan designed to prevent future recurrences of your pain or loss of function.

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