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JointStrong® is the premier mobile and web application for the self-care treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal conditions.

Embedded with the outcomes from over one million patient encounters, JointStrong® is the only resource available in the marketplace that is able to provide users:

Diagnostic Assessment of your musculoskeletal condition to ensure the proper diagnosis of your musculoskeletal condition.

Personalized Treatment Plan

tailored to the results of your diagnostic assessment  and user-provided demographic data, level of pain and current mobility

On-Call Wellness Coaches available at your convenience to assist with questions, concerns you in maintaining your musculoskeletal wellness

Customized Self-Care Education for your condition and prevention to assist you in maintaining your musculoskeletal wellness

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 How to

 Get Started

      with JointStrong®

Visit to create an account and choose your desired care pathway: self-assessment, prevention or clinical consultation.

Personalize your care pathway to receive a treatment program tailored to your specific needs. Begin working towards better health and recovery by completing daily assessments, reaching milestones, and receiving education to prevent future injury.

Call (855) 293-0340 with any questions, concerns or to schedule a clinical consultation with a JointStrong® Clinician.

Experience the JointStrong® difference and begin your path to musculoskeletal health and wellness by downloading the 100% free JointStrong® Application today!

Health Coach Anchor



Need assistance with the JointStrong® Application, understanding your movement plan, or have general questions? Our health coaches can assist you in optimizing your in-app health program while providing real-time support and assistance. Contact one of our highly-trained health coaches today!




(855) 293-0340

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