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  • Brianna Cunningham

The Not-So-Obvious Thing That Musculoskeletal Care and a 4-Minute Mile Have in Common

How do you improve the quality of care, reduce variability in treatment choices, eliminate unnecessary services, and lower musculoskeletal costs for patients and payers?

It’s simple. You measure what is relevant and meaningful for patients suffering from MSDs and you adjust the practice patterns of clinicians managing this population to optimize their patient outcomes.

In this healthcare podcast, Stacey Richter talks with our CEO, Chad Gray. Interestingly, Chad says that the problem with musculoskeletal in this country isn’t a cost problem usually. It’s a quality problem. It’s a problem of patients getting a whole lot of care that doesn’t actually relieve their symptoms or underlying condition. This is surprising when you consider that musculoskeletal related costs represent approximately 20% of all healthcare spending in the US.

Click here to tune in to the Relentless Health Value podcast where Chad discusses the burdens of poor quality of care in the medical system, the importance of standardizing health care, and our outcomes-accountable approach that is able to significantly reduce these musculoskeletal disorders.

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